Guy Rescues Dog Who Had Been Chained Up For Ten Years


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One man has become a hero after rescuing a dog who had been chained up for a massive ten years, and has given him a new life.

Jared Piper befriended the dog, who was seriously neglected, not to mention starved of love and affection, and not only rescued the animal, but also took him under his wing and made it his mission to show him that humans are far nicer than the poor dog had seen before – and could actually give him a pretty good life.

Rusty had been left in a yard in Phoenix, Arizona, and had files all over his body, and a tumour on his belly. After showing little affection to those who were passing him by, Piper decided to befriend Rusty and kept going back to see him, eventually meeting Rusty’s owner.


Said owner then told Piper that Rusty had been chained up for 10-15 years, at which point Piper told her he would not be leaving without the dog, something that the woman initially tried to dispute, telling Piper he was an aggressive dog, but eventually she gave in, letting Piper take Rusty.

Piper then took the dog to get cleaned up, and eventually found him the perfect family to live with, complete with a huge yard for Rusty to play in.