Guy Reacts Surprisingly As Woman Punches Him 15 Times In Shocking Video


An argument caught on camera between a man and woman quickly turned violent when the girl started throwing punches. 

The source of the initially verbal argument is largely indecipherable from the footage, but it becomes clear the young woman is aggressively accusing her male companion of calling her ‘a pussy’.

The young man can be heard responding and backing away from the argument when the unidentified young woman throws a series of audibly heavy blows to the guy’s face.


Her violent outburst lasts for nearly a minute as she chases him down a hallway, delivering a barrage of punches to his head, back and shoulders.

At this point the guy exclaims: “I can’t hit a girl,” to which she responds: “Yes you can, whassup bitch?”

The ugly display of seemingly unprovoked violence was uploaded by Purest Videos, and can be seen below:

The one-sided assault has since sparked controversy and debate online, with many observers questioning the role of gender in this one-sided attack.

Regardless of the need for gender equality in all walks of life, violence can never be condoned as a valid form of expression, even when in self defence.