Guy Returns Wallet With $1500 Cash To Rightful Owner

Melissa Vang / Facebook

An honest teenager has returned a lost wallet containing $1,500 cash and all the owner’s credit cards after finding it on the driveway.

The wallet belonged to Melissa Vang’s husband who was out at the time. Upon hearing the door Melissa refused to answer to a stranger which she says is ‘sadly the world we live in today’.

Melissa later found out the man in question was 18-year-old Tyler Opdyke, who was posting flyers for a pest control company in the neighbourhood, according to Kiii TV, a South Texas television station.

God bless this young man's heart. My husband dropped his wallet (with hundreds of dollars and all his credit cards) in…

Posted by Melissa Vang on Friday, 15 September 2017

In the video, you can see Tyler holding the wallet to the camera, in a bid to show Melissa why he was there, before putting it down on the doormat and leaving.

Melissa said:

God bless this young man’s heart. My husband dropped his wallet (with hundreds of dollars and all his credit cards) in our drive way and this gentleman picked it up and left it at our doorstep after waiting for a few minutes, because I wouldn’t open the door (for strangers).

I later found him. Thanked and rewarded him for his kind gesture.

It’s sad that I didn’t trust him to open my door when he was just doing a good deed. Sadly, this is the world we live in today. We hear so many [sic] terrible news and barely any good. I think we all need to be reminded that there are still good people out there.

His act of kindness cannot go unrecognized. Thank you, Tyler.

Melissa Vang / Facebook

Tyler said:

I was knocking on the door for a minute or two. I actually heard her little girls… and was wondering why is nobody answering?

I’m like how can I find some way to let them know that I have this [wallet]. I was like ‘perfect, here’s a camera right there’.

Go on, how honest are you?