Guy Sat In Ferrari Tries To Get Girl’s Phone Number, It Doesn’t Go Down Well

by : UNILAD on : 10 Nov 2015 15:57
YouTube/The Leviathan

A YouTuber cruising around town in his Ferrari F430 decided to have a bit of fun and play a prank on an unsuspecting woman, but things escalated far quicker than he was expecting.

The girl in question seems very excited to be chatting to a man driving the supercar. However, when he confidently tells her that he’s not a doctor or a lawyer, but a valet, the plan turns to shit pretty rapidly.


Even so, the girl’s reaction is pretty spectacular. She throws a full on tantrum when she realises this guy’s being dishonest and isn’t actually rich at all.

Exasperated, she said:

You’re faking like it’s your car to pick me up. How often do you do this? Do you realise how rude this is? It’s kind of rude because I just wasted a lot of energy…fuck this! Okay, bye.


She then storms off, confirming she was only interested in the guy’s money to begin with. Awkward.

She’ll probably be even more annoyed when she finds out that The Leviathan does actually own the Ferrari!

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    Guy Tries To Get A Girl’s Phone Number In A Ferrari, But The Plan Goes To Shit When He Tells Her He’s A Valet