Guy Sends Dick Pic To Wrong Number, Gets Hilarious Response


Guys, let this be a lesson as to why you shouldn’t send unsolicited dick pics. It never ends well. 

Receiving random pics of some guy’s gross genitals has become an everyday hazard with the rise of Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook, but the group in this story had the perfect response.

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The group in question were enjoying a lovely brunch when they received a sausage that they hadn’t ordered, with a series of saucy snaps coming through from an anonymous bloke.

The pics actually started off relatively tame, with just a simple topless selfie, but things soon escalated when his trousers came down and he texted his todger to them, Barstool Sports reports.

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Rather than react in disgust though, the group actually laughed it off, saying that it ‘made their weekend’, and raising their glasses to the man when it became obvious he’d received a fake number.

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Poor bloke. But, hey, at least he made some new friends.

That said, this may have been a bit too forward way of introducing himself…