Guy Sent Home From Work For Wearing Shorts Comes Back In Pink Dress


A stubborn but creative call centre worker who’d been sent home for wearing shorts to work during this week’s scorching heatwave came up with the perfect way to protest his company’s dress code. 

He wore a a bright pink dress that was so vibrant you’d need sunglasses to look at it directly.

Earlier this week 20-year-old Joey Barge came to work in a pair of smart blue shorts but his bosses deemed his outfit inappropriate and told him to go home and change.

Rather than stick on a stifling suit and enduring the blazing heat Joey decided to protest his company’s dress code by coming back in a lovely pink dress.

He explained:

I got sent home and told to change into appropriate clothing but it said females could wear dresses so hey ho!

Joey shared his interesting wardrobe choice on Twitter and the picture quickly went viral.

His Twitter followers soon rallied to his cause with one writing ‘Men should always be allowed to wear shorts like women can wear skirts and dresses’ while another said his outfit was ‘smart’.

Thankfully Joey’s bosses soon realised their mistake and sent out an email informing the men in the office that they could wear three-quarter length shorts in ‘black, navy or beige only’.

Unfortunately for them it seems Joey quite liked wearing a dress and in an act of defiance he decided to wear the dress for the rest of the day

To be fair it did make his legs look good.