Guy Shoots Himself In Face With Paintball Gun, It Ends Very Badly

by : Francesca Donovan on : 04 Jan 2017 16:22

On the list of things I don’t want fired directly into my face at close range, paintball pellets are pretty high.


The same, oddly, cannot be said for this unbelievable weapon. The semi-famous YouTuber, Zacharias Holmes, has decided to buy himself ringside seats to an epic battle between a paintball gun and his face.

Now I’m no fighter and I’m no physicist, but my basic understanding of force plus acceleration teaches me that shooting yourself in the fleshy mass of your own face with a powerful, loaded paintball is going to do some damage.


Surprisingly, Zak – who got his first taste of YouTube fame by setting off a bunch of fireworks strapped to his chest – got off with barely a flesh wound this time.


With his face in his hands, it becomes clear that Zak lost a tooth – and whatever brain cells he lacked in the first place.


A presumably dazed Zak, now missing a tooth, said:

Dude, I think I fucking swallowed it… I don’t even understand. That shouldn’t even fucking happen, dude! My freaking lip hurts so bad.

His partner in idiocy – the friend who filmed the whole stupid affair – exclaimed, ‘Dude, we might need to get you to the dentist or something…’

I think good dentistry is literally the least of Zak’s worries, as he makes a poor attempt at emulating the stunt of the true Jackasses.

At this rate, the guy is going to kill himself for clicks.

Francesca Donovan

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