Guy So Sick Of Manchester He Lied About Being Illegal Immigrant So He’d Be Deported

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Earlier this week a story broke about a man in Manchester who walked into a police station, said he was an illegal immigrant and demanded to be deported back to Iran, as he had ‘had enough’ of the city.


If that wasn’t insult enough to the city of Manchester, it has now been revealed that the man in question, Arash Aria, isn’t an illegal immigrant.

Immigrations officials discovered that the 25-year-old has indefinite leave to be in the UK, and had lied in the hope he would be deported.

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He explained his reasons for wanting to leave to the Telegraph, saying he was frustrated and disappointed at the lack of work available and the perceived rudeness of the locals.


He said:

The people of Manchester have not been welcoming. It’s words, violence, many things. I try to ignore people but I’m fed up now.

I don’t get the respect I should here. The people of Manchester have not been welcoming. It’s affecting my head, my dreams and the way I think.

I am on benefits but I don’t want that. I am in full health, I want to work. Everyone wants to work, to have a dream, but I can’t achieve my dreams here. I want to try and do something with my life. I want to get a good job, save money and do something big – be somebody.

Mr Aria says he wants to return to his home city of Shiraz in south-west Iran, and is waiting for his passport to come through.

The officer who sent the tweet that alerted everyone to the story, Detective Sergeant David Henshall, said the man had come in ‘shouting and screaming’ at the front desk.

He told the Telegraph:

I got a call from the staff downstairs at the front desk who said he was being aggressive and throwing his bike around so I went down to help.

He was very angry and just kept saying how much he hated Manchester. He didn’t look drunk – I didn’t smell any alcohol on him – he just seemed very angry.

We tried to ask him what the catalyst was but he just kept saying he had been here 10 years and he hated it. Maybe he just wanted a free flight home, I’m just not sure.

He didn’t look like he was sleeping rough. He was wearing nice clothes and came in with this expensive mountain bike which he kept throwing on the floor.

..Telegraph/Chris Neill

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