Guy Spells ‘Shagger’ On Countdown And It’s The Funniest Moment In Show’s History

Man spells out shagger on Countdown.@sigray39/Twitter/Channel 4

Countdown is a British establishment, with the ticking of the iconic clock bringing many of us back to the lazy afternoons of our student years.

And every now and then, there is a moment of cheeky hilarity. As anyone who has ever played Scrabble after a few drinks will know, playing around with letters willy-nilly can result in absolute mayhem.

Previous raucous words have included ‘orgasm’ and ‘phallus’, providing plenty of pre-watershed sniggers for those stuck at home with a cold.

Most recently, a Countdown contestant spelled out the word ‘shagger’, much to the amusement of the audience in the studio, to which his fellow contestant chipped in, ‘… and I got shagged!’

The audience at home also reacted with gleeful giggles, taking to Twitter to discuss this unexpected moment of hilarity.

One person chuckled:

‘Shagger….and I got shagged.’

Not your average conversation you expect to hear on countdown.

Another guffawed:

Brilliant on #countdown today with the lad getting a 7 letter word ‘shagger’ must have just missed this on my break.

In 2017, presenter and maths superstar Rachel Riley spoke with the Daily Express about some of the raunchier words she has encountered on the show:

Most of them are well-documented online but some one of the funny ones for me are growlers because it’s perfectly innocent and you can get a definition of a bear,

But then when Nick repeats it over and over and over, I’m sure the younger viewers – teenagers – might know something else quite funny. They’re the ones that get me.

The mathematician added that she sometimes struggles to keep straight face during some of Countdown’s more obscene moments:

Sometimes we have to re-do things. At the same time rude words coming out, I’ve got the gallery upstairs, who are the filthiest people that you’ll meet, trying to make me laugh or if you’re trying to keep a straight face, there’s 10 people in your ear wetting themselves. Then it can be a bit harder.

But Nick runs a bit of a stern ship, so he doesn’t necessarily know why a word is funny and he kind of hastens it along.

Countdown without the occasional rude word would be like chips without tomato ketchup. It would be fine, but it wouldn’t have all that distinctive flavor we all know and love. Never change Countdown!

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