Guy Spends $1500 And Waits 6 Months To Eat Sandwich


Andy George is a man who doesn’t mind waiting. But waiting 6 months to make your own sandwich from scratch? That’s maybe a bit much.

Uploaded to YouTube by channel How To Grow Everything, Andy undertakes the pretty unenviable task of growing his own sandwich.

Making the fancy sarnie included: Growing his own veg, making his own salt from ocean water, pickling his own pickles, making cheese, riding a cow (you can skip this step at home), making bread and killing a chicken.

Of course the 1500 dollar question is, how does it taste? “It’s not bad. That’s about it.” Well, cheers Andy, you’re a true pioneer of human exploration.

As a quick reality check, $1500 is about £967. That can buy you 439 chicken and bacon baguettes from Greggs or 322 meal deals from Sainsbury’s. Thanks for taking the bullet for us all Andy, but I’ll stick to my factory-made, vacuum packed, cheapo sandwichs ta.