Guy Stands Perfectly Still In Just Cause 3, Society Collapses Around Him


We all know that Just Cause 3 is batshit insane when it wants to be, but this video proves you don’t even have to do anything for its world to descend into absolute chaos.

YouTube channel ThingsWePlay decided to try the social experiment and see what the idyllic Mediterranean paradise of Medici would do if left untouched. Turns out it takes about 1:46s for anarchy to take hold.

Not too far off Stoke city centre on a Saturday night then.

Without pressing a single button, the townsfolk take it upon themselves to drive dangerously, murder each other and cause major traffic collisions. There’s even a panicked nun.

If anything, this video is proof that Medici needs our mate Rico just to calm everybody the fuck down. I mean seriously guys, get a stress ball or something.