Guy Suffers Horrific Ankle Break In Skateboard Accident


WARNING: Graphic Content


Horrific video has surfaced showing the moment things go horribly, painfully wrong for a guy learning to skateboard.

The grim footage shows a large chap being helped onto a skateboard by his mate, reports the Daily Star. 

Innocently he rolls towards his big moment as he prepares to tackle what looks like it could be the world’s smallest half pipe.

But it seems like even that was too much for him to handle as he inexplicably falls backwards almost immediately, landing heavily on one leg, causing his ankle to shatter.

With his foot dangling in completely the wrong direction, he rolls around on the floor in agony – understandably considering his horrific leg-break.

Unbelievably, the woman filming – who probably felt pretty bad afterwards – laughs hysterically, before realising exactly how bad his injury is.

Rushing in to help, the younger guy runs around and it looks like he attempts to pop the man’s ankle back in before the poor guy shoves him away, screaming in agony.


The eye-watering incident was recorded in California and was initially shared on LiveLeak where viewers were quick to share the guy’s pain.

One wrote: 

I felt that as well poor guy. A slight warning would have been appropriate for the squeamish ones.

His friend tries to put it back into place – not happening bro.

Fuck that.