Guy Talks Down Street Fight With Epic Speech About Fake Friends


An OG street head stepped in to stop a street fight between some teenagers before things got out-of-hand, dropping some truth bombs in the process.

First-things-first, respect to this guy for stopping two young men from making bigger fools of themselves than they already had.

He could’ve just sat from afar, shook his head and walked off, but instead he stepped in and set their young reckless minds straight.

He makes the excellent point that all their friends, who are supposed to have their backs, are just filming and laughing, calling out everyone recording on their phones as the ‘real cowards’.

Reasoning with the two teens he focuses on the instigator asking him who ‘ill-advised’ him.

He labels everyone present as ‘nearly men’ and makes them understand why what they were doing wasn’t helping either one of them.

In the end his efforts don’t go in vain as he eventually got the pair to shake hands and make peace.


Whether or not he actually got through to them we’ll never know, but we certainly hope so. But at least this wasn’t another shameless video that ended up on Worldstar.

Again, mad respect to this guy.