Guy Thinks He Got Girlfriend’s Name Tattooed To His Neck, He Did Not


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Everyone knows the golden rule before getting a tattoo. Check over, and over, and over again to make sure that firstly, you really want it, and secondly, it’s correct.

That’s pretty standard, right? Well apparently not for this guy.

He thought that he was getting a tattoo of his girlfriend’s name in Chinese on his neck.

What he was actually inked with was very different.

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The tattoo was actually one of Windows 7 – yes, Windows 7, the computer software. To make matters worse, he was told about it by another tattoo artist, who had a girlfriend from the Far East who thought something was amiss.

Tattooist Doc Price claimed:

This chap I knew had his girlfriend’s name tattooed on the back of his neck, or rather, what he thought was his girlfriend’s name.

But my girlfriend, who is from Thailand, wasn’t so sure.

So we took him to see a friend of ours who is Chinese and we asked her, ‘what does this say here?’

She looked at it and said, ‘why have you got a tattoo of Windows 7 on your neck?’

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At least if they ever break up, he’ll not have to go through considering laser removal surgery!