Guy Thinks He’s Got Lucky With A Girl But Makes One Huge Error

by : UNILAD on : 23 Feb 2017 14:26

If you’re going to text your bro about going to a girl’s dorm to get lucky, double check you’re not sending it to the girl you plan on getting luck with.


One guy blew his chances when he made his intentions very, very clear to what he thought was his friend.

Texting a fellow student, the guy asks her if he can come over. His intentions are already pretty clear, but he offers to bring her chocolate, which is nice.


Replying, she says: “Yeah u remember which dorm?”


And this is where shit gets awkward.

Thinking he just secured a night of passion, Romeo goes ahead and texts his friend: “BOUT TO GO BALLS DEEP BRO.”

Except, the message didn’t send to his ‘bro’, it sent to the girl he thought he was about to ‘go balls deep’ with.



Trying to salvage any remaining dignity he has left, he said: “Sorry I texted the wrong person.” At least he’s honest.

Unfortunately for him though, his hopeful bed buddy shut him down after realising his intentions. Short and straight to the point, she replied: “Don’t come over.”

And what better way to shame someone shady than expose him on Twitter?



The exchange has since been liked and retweeted a combined 121,000 times.

But it doesn’t seem like he likes the attention. Since posting the thread, the girl on the receiving end of the texts – otherwise known by her Twitter handle @killermarecat – has shared a screenshot of his follow up: “Why do u have to tweet it.”

And it seems like other guys didn’t get the hint, either.

Not understanding that this is no way to romance a lady, they also got creepy and starting hitting on her in her DMs:

How exactly does exposing a guy for being a creep act as an invitation for other people to be a creep? It’s not exactly clear, but these guys think that’s exactly what it means.

Moral of the story? Never use the phrase ‘balls deep bro’ if you ever want to get laid again and always triple check your texts.

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