Guy Travels From Finland To Africa On A Jetski Because His Son Asked If It Was Possible



It’s one of those questions all parents get asked sooner or later.

Why is the sky blue?

Where do babies come from?

Dad, can you jetski from Finland to Africa?

Well, the answer to the last is yes, you can.

Risto Piispa has just spent 40 days travelling from the capital of Finland, Helsinki, all the way round to the Spanish city of Ceuta, on the tip of the North African coast.

He didn’t just do it for shits and giggles either, he raised money for a children’s hospital in Helsinki too.Good lad.

Riding his Sea-Doo RXT 260, he recorded his journey so that his family and friends could follow his progress.

The idea for this charity fundraising and trying to break the record started when my son asked me ‘is it possible to drive a jetski from Finland to Africa?’ I wanted to try and see if it could be done.

Another added factor was Piispa’s own experience – Being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2008.

He said:

This changed my life… I was only 28 years old and doctors told me I might live another seven years.

I decided you should always try to fulfil your dreams because one day it might be too late.


He may have health woes, but nothing was stopping Piispa from his 1,910 mile trek, which broke a Guiness World Record.

The previous record for longest open ocean journey on a jetski was 963.04 km, which he absolutely smashed.


It looks like one hell of a road sea trip!