Guy Travels To 13 Different Countries And Makes Amazing Music Video


Who said you need a full on professional production crew when there’s the iPhone 6 at hand?

Island Records newcomer Shirazee caught the internet’s attention thanks to his debut music video ‘Different’ – and it’s filmed entirely on an iPhone 6. The video compiles a motion montage depiction of the 13 different countries he visited, featuring everything from selfie stick tourists in Athens, to buskers in Brooklyn and swimming pool splashes in Dubai.

Speaking to UNILAD Sound about the video, Shirazee said:

The concept behind the video is to seamlessly tell the story of a nomadic and musical spirit in search of himself through all his travels in the world before landing in the USA, where I currently reside. I lived in 6 of the countries depicted growing up and what better way to tell my story visually? Felt like a no brainer.

It was a very unique process making this video, because everything had to be timed well. Very few mistakes allowed although we had set dates of travel and one missed flight would probably ruin the rest of the trip, this took some discipline but hey got it done, 13 countries in 31 days! Wow, now that I think about it, the making of this video could actually be a book or something by itself (lol).

The Porto-Novo native’s new release is all about emotive vocals remixed into a melodic and uplifting track by Dan E – a track which will surely be hitting radio stations asap!

Featured below is an exclusive afrobeat remix of the track, if you want a bit more Shirazee in your life!