Guy Tries Condom Prank On Girlfriend, It Ends Really Badly


I can’t think why this sadistic guy would ever do this to his relationship, but he did and it ended in violence.

It’s the classic story of boy meets girl, girl goes away for two days, and guy fills a condom with lotion and puts it on the floor for when she returns, reports The Independent.

We can all imagine how this one ends, but it’s pretty hilarious to watch…

The prankster sets up the perfect scene of adultery for when his girlfriend waddles in on crutches (how can you do this to someone with crutches?!).

An argument obviously ensues and the ‘joker’ lies and says the creamy condom doesn’t belong to him, making his beau angrier and angrier.


You’d think he’d stop when she started stabbing him with her crutch, but no, he pushes her to the point where she leaves him!

20 minutes later he enters the room which she has completely ravaged and even punched a hole in the wall!


When he finally reveals that he pranked her, she actually takes it surprisingly well.

Hats off to her, she can take a joke better than I would.