Guy Tries To Find Out If Step-Mum Is A Cheat, Ends Terribly

To Catch A Cheater/YouTube

A 13-year-old and his family decided to sit down with popular YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater to see exactly what his new step-mum got up to.

Teenager Zac’s dad just married a new partner who, according to his ex-wife, is an untrustworthy and ‘rude blonde bimbo’ who ‘doesn’t even know how to clean’ (apparently that is a big problem).

Hoping to catch the woman, whose name we do not know, in the act, Zac’s mum decided to contact To Catch A Cheater to have her ex-husband’s new wife followed and recorded to see exactly who she is because hey, how else would you do it in 2018!

You can watch all the drama kick off here:

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The unnamed woman can be seen visiting a local gym where she meets Kevin, a fitness trainer who compliments her figure, striking up a conversation.

Zac’s step-mum though brushes off the comment and leaves Kevin telling him that she is on her way to a gym class.

However, Kevin decides to continue his pursuit as he is working for To Catch A Cheater and it is his job to cause trouble. What a dream career!

To Catch A Cheater/YouTube

The pair chat and Kevin manages to secure her number which I suppose means he will be getting his full salary.

In a third and final clip, the pair can be heard and seen arranging to meet up on a date later that week with the woman even admitting her partner, Zac’s dad, is going to be away for a while and so Kevin should come over to her house.

He cheekily responds:

Once we’re done, I know you’re going to get hungry. We’ll go on a date, have some wine and come back to the house.

To which the woman replies:

I don’t know about a date, but we can certainly…

Kevin, realising what she is about to say, quickly hits back with ‘we can parlay’ preventing Zac from hearing exactly what his step-mum had planned.

To Catch A Cheater/YouTube

Of course it isn’t just Zac watching this footage as his mum and grandma are also there witnessing the, erm, drama?

And to nobody’s surprise, his nan and mum are outraged with his grandma even immediately demanding to speak to the woman picking up the phone to confront her.

While the two have a brief argument, Zac appears to be dumbfounded by what is going on unable to get over just how ridiculous his family is being.

To Catch A Cheater/YouTube

As his mum and grandma scream at him, Zac just stares down at the camera shaking his head embarrassed that this is all going on the internet.

As his nan says that just by talking to Kevin his step-mum was cheating, Zac brilliantly just states ‘I don’t think that’s cheating, she didn’t kiss him or hug him’.

Good for you Zac, good for you!