Guy Uses Knife To Drain Massive Cyst On His Own Arm

by : UNILAD on : 27 Feb 2017 17:17

WARNING: Graphic footage.

Warning: this is not for the feint of heart


Sometimes we have moments in our lives when we have to ask ourselves: “Is this all the Internet’s good for now? Is this is even life?” This video of a man draining his cyst is one of those moments.

In a moment of human ingenuity (?) we see an unnamed man squeeze out a giant, inflamed cyst that has been growing on his arm, whilst getting his son to document the tear-inducing ordeal.

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The moment makes for even more excruciating viewing when you find out that he’s using a Stanley Knife to drain it.


We can already see the questions: “Why would you show us this you sick bastards?!?” and “Why did he not just go to the doctor?”

The latter we can’t answer, the first question however – all we’ll say is “What the hell are you gonna watch and show to your mates on Thursday eh?” You’re welcome.

During the video you can clearly hear his son in the background trying his best, and failing miserably, not to wretch as a fountain of pus leaks out. We don’t blame him, this is so fucking foul and we reckon his old man is an arsehole for making him film the bloody thing.

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The son posted it on Reddit (for reasons unknown), with site visitors acting in similar fashion. One Reddit user felt so violated, but at the same time enamored, by the video saying: “Instant gag. Oh my f****** god, so gross and so satisfying to watch.”

Another was more concerned by the lack of ‘hygienic standards’.

As for you dear readers, enjoy the video above and we apologise if your food has regurgitated its way onto your lap.

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    GRAPHIC VID: Man uses DIY KNIFE to cut out massive cyst – ends in volcanic eruption of pus