Guy Warns Groom About Cheating Fiancée In Best Way


If your name’s Graham and your fiancée is called Samantha, you may want to watch your back – especially if her hen do was in Newcastle.

According to Twitter, there’s a good chance she may have cheated on you.

Twitter user Owen Restall alerted followers and a potential groom that a bride-to-be may be up to no good. He wrote: “‘If your name’s Graham and your fiancée is called Samantha on her hen do in Newcastle don’t marry her, she shagging my mate in a Travelodge.”



The warning was quickly seen by others and was soon posted about hundreds of times on Twitter. Using the hashtag #prayforgraham, Twitter users have been trying to find and warn the unsuspecting Graham from marrying his already unfaithful future wife.

And while there was a huge chance Owen’s tweet could have gone unnoticed by Graham, we’re betting it’s going to be hard for him to miss the warning now – fellow Geordie and reality TV star Scotty T retweeted the message with ‘Good morning Graham, anyone know what room Samantha is in.’

With his following of over 1.5 million followers, Scotty’s tweet has been shared nearly 6,000 times.

And while some have tried to gain followers by pretending to be Graham, so far, the real Graham hasn’t been found.

Here’s to hoping that the guy – or at least one of his friends – actually has Twitter and the campaign to find him hasn’t gone unnoticed. Poor guy.