Guy Watches Girlfriend Give Birth, Immediately Finds Out He’s Not The Father

Four Hands on a Belly/BNN

A shocked boyfriend in The Netherlands discovered that he wasn’t the father of his girlfriend’s baby live on TV, after she was filmed giving birth.

Teenage dad Dalo appeared completely traumatised as his 17-year-old girlfriend gave birth live on the Dutch reality show, Four Hands on a Belly, hugging himself tightly and gaping wide-eyed in utter shock.  

Once girlfriend Quintana was safely delivered of the baby before the cameras, Dalo appeared to relax a bit, even cutting the child’s umbilical cord like a pro. However events were about to take a horrifying twist…

Four Hands on a Belly/BNN
Four Hands on a Belly/BNN

Bringing a screaming baby into the world is difficult for any young couple. However, once paired with the jump scares of reality TV, things get really messy.

Dalo’s unusual reaction to the birth, clapping his hands over his face and even hiding in the corner, promptly went viral but the real surprise was yet to come.

Mere moments after the birth, Dalo is seen taking a paternity test.

Four Hands on a Belly/BNN

There is then a brief passage of time, switching from the delivery suite to the seemingly happy couple back at their home. At this point the paternity test results are revealed, showing that Dalo is not the child’s biological father.

The camera shows him exiting the room with a face of thunder, slamming the door behind him. Quintana is left on the sofa, wiping away a tear from her eye as she cradles the tiny new baby in her arms…

We have so many questions. Specifically, with so many skeletons in her closet, why on earth would Quintana want to broadcast the excruciating labour and paternity test results for all to see?!

You can watch Dala and Quintana’s birth story from hell in the following toe curling clip: 

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According to reports, Dalo and Quintana have somehow managed to patch things up and are still a couple. We like Dalo’s hyper-expressive face and feel bad that such an emotional series of events ultimately led to his heartache.

Lets just hope that there is more honesty between the teenage sweethearts in the future…