Guy Who ‘Confessed To Murder’ On YouTube Releases ‘Video Of Killing’


Warning: Content could be distressing to some.

Over the last 3 weeks, a series of disturbing videos have been released of an extremely distressed man confessing to murdering ‘them’.

This chilling videos, posted from YouTube user seventybroad, allegedly show a tormented young man confessing: “I’ve murdered them…I never wanted to be a murderer. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.”

Blaming the killings on drugs, he adds: “You won’t fucking find me,” and “You’ll see. You’ll all see what I fucking did.”

Now, a new video posted today seems to show viewers ‘what he did’.

Footage which appears to be taken in a family home shows at least four people celebrating a woman’s birthday. After a man, thought to be seventybroad, comes into the room, an altercation ensues. Soon after, the camera is dropped and one gunshot and screams can be heard.

The previous videos seem to be shot in an abandoned building somewhere in Britain but the exact location is unknown, meaning it is unclear which police constabulary would be responsible and whether any are investigating the footage.

In between confession videos, he unsuccessfully ‘attempts suicide’.

While it’s not clear if the videos are a prank, there are no unsolved murders or ongoing investigations within the last year in Britain that match the description of the alleged murder in the video.

If this is a prank, it’s in very poor taste. But until we found out, here’s to hoping the footage is thoroughly investigated.