Guy Who Made Sick Maddie H&M Picture Responds To Kate And Gerry McCann

by : Tom Percival on : 14 Jan 2018 12:39

The internet troll who made a twisted Maddie McCann H&M picture has responded to Kate and Gerry McCann’s claims that his picture was ‘tasteless and offensive’.


Kieron Marsh, the man who photoshopped an image of Madeleine McAnn wearing a sweatshirt saying ‘Hide and seek champion’, has said ‘as if I’ve rattled the McCann’s’.

Marsh, who’s been celebrating his newfound 15 minutes of fame on Twitter, also took the opportunity to say ‘f*ck the sun newspaper’ along with the crying laughing emoji.

Yesterday Kate and Gerry branded the image ‘tasteless and offensive’ and others on social media have condemned Marsh’s joke as well.


Even now as Marsh revels in his infamy people are condemning his ‘joke’ with one user saying he’s a horrendous ‘troll bloke’ while another labelled him a clown.

Upsettingly though it seems that some are on Marsh’s side in this, claiming the doctored photo is ‘brilliant’ and ‘so funny’.

Even now people are still defending Marsh on Twitter with one commenter saying: ‘Once you’ve rattled the McCanns you’ve won twitter x’ while another added: f*cking savage’.

Marsh’s mocked up image is a reference to the scandal currently engulfing H&M, who’ve been accused of racism following their choice to use a young black child to model a hoodie with the slogan ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’ written on it.

H&M has apologised for the controversy and removed the hoody from sale following the controversy sparked by the advert.


Since the image first hit the web the picture’s gone viral with hundreds of parodies popping up online many of which are darkly controversial.


The famed war diarist and holocaust victim Anne Frank was photoshopped onto a similar image along with the slogan ‘Coolest Jew In The Chamber’.

Madeleine McCann disappeared from her parent’s apartment in Praia da Luz back in 2007 while Kate and Gerry ate tapas just 120 metres away.

The investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance is still ongoing and has cost the police in the UK and Portugal at least £12 million according to The Sun.

Both Kate and Gerry have faced heavy criticism for their decision to leave Maddie and her twin brothers alone in the apartment with some going so far as to claim they’re somehow culpable for their daughter’s disappearance.

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