Guy Wins Big On The Grand National After Placing Accidental Bet

by : UNILAD on : 09 Apr 2017 13:16

A man hit the jackpot big time after accidentally betting £200 instead of £20 on the Grand National. 


I didn’t have a flutter at the weekend, but I certainly wish I had after hearing about all those that got lucky, although none so much as this guy.

Alex Blackwell was supposed to place a bet for £20, but accidentally added an extra zero onto his betting slip, meaning he’d actually laid down £200 of his hard earned cash, the Mirror reports.


The man from Kibworth decided to place a bet on One For Arthur, which had odds of 16-1 on the Bet 365 website and somehow didn’t even realise what could have been an expensive mistake until after the race.


The freelance journalist never got to feel the brunt of his betting balls up though, as miraculously, fate was looking out for him that day and he managed to multiply his bet by ten, scoring himself a win of £2,000.

He remarked:

My immediate thought after the race was, I hope I bet on One For Arthur. I looked straight away, as soon as the horse crossed the line. When I reviewed it, I saw I had put £200 on.

I felt very lucky as I ended up winning £2,200. It was pretty fortunate because I didn’t mean to put that much on. It’s lucky it came in.


The god’s were definitely smiling down on him that day then, especially as he explained he would never place that amount on a bet, deeming it ‘crazy.’

According to the paper, Alex would normally only bet £30-£40 on the Grand National a year, so if he’s lost £200, it would have been one hell of a shock.

He said:

I sort of feel the bookies have taken enough money off me over the years.

This has balanced the scales a bit. I’ve been lucky now, but I’ve been fairly unlucky in the past.


Alex says he was ‘pretty fortunate’ after placing a ‘win each way bet,’ which meant he put £100 for a win and £50 each way on the horse.

He explained how he’d picked the horse after reading how it was in ‘good form,’ but never expected to win that much.

He definitely got lucky there… It could have just as easily swung the other way and ended in a rather pricey slip up…

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    Man accidentally bets £200 instead of £20 on Grand National - then sees his horse romp home to victory