Guy With ‘No F*cks Left’ Lights Cigarette During Armed Robbery

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There’s being laid back, and there’s lighting a cigarette as an armed robber threatens you with a gun. 

On Wednesday, August 28, the peaceful night of those enjoying a drink in a St Louis bar was shattered by a fool with a gun.


Presumably under the robber’s instructions, patrons hit the deck; hiding under the counter and giving up their possessions when confronted with the barrel of a rifle.

But one gentleman sat steadfast against the gun-waving robber – the real-life embodiment of Samuel L. Jackson’s icy cold hitman energy in Pulp Fiction’s climactic diner hold-up.

Check out the video below: 



Posted by John Kimack and captured on the bar’s security camera, the unidentified robber walks in and clearly gestures for the man to join the others on the floor – but he calmly refuses.

Instead, while he roams around the bar, the man – who is also yet to be identified – casually lights up a cigarette. Just another night in St Louis, eh?

According to Dana Wright, a journalist for KMBZ, the gentleman told the robber: ‘Go ahead. Shoot me. I don’t give a f*ck.’


When the robber comes to him for his possessions, the man simply shrugs him off – it appears in the video that his breathtakingly defiant stance has the robber stumped.

As reported by the New York Post, bartender Dustin Krueger said: 

He just was very adamant about it like, ‘I’m not playing your game.’

According to the Riverfront Times, police are still on the lookout for the suspect in this case, who reportedly left the scene with only a couple hundred dollars – although, none of that came from the hard-as-nails customer in the video.


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The man’s sheer refusal to obey the criminal’s orders have resonated with people online, with one user calling him ‘my hero’.

Another user wrote:

That dude has balls of steel or has nothing left to lose. Either way, ice flows in his veins.


Other people commented on the similarities to Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction, while one user commented that it was like an outtake from a Coen brothers’ movie.

However, numerous users asked another question: is it still legal to smoke in St Louis bars?

Well, Wright asked the bar owner if he still allowed smoking, to which he replied: ‘No, but we don’t allow robbery either.’

While this incident could have easily turned fatal, one has to admire the brass balls on the gentleman. Whoever you are out there, we salute you.

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