Guy’s Arm Snaps Horrifically As Arm Wrestle Goes Wrong

YouTube/Viral Hog

This barman was challenged to an arm wrestle in an Irish pub, but it went horrifically wrong when his arm snapped during the match…

It started off as a bit of bravado and a bit of fun when a customer challenged a barman to an arm wrestle in a Dublin pub, but things quickly took a disastrous turn…

The cocky customer bet €20, the confident barman couldn’t beat him, so the two lock-arms in an intense duel, which was filmed and put on Viral Hog‘s YouTube channel.

YouTube/Viral Hog

Everything’s fine and dandy and full of banter as the pair engage in the lighthearted wrestle, but as the younger of the two guys goes down to push the other’s arm towards the table, a sickening crack can be heard.

Next thing, the failed dueller reels back, clutching at his arm as it becomes apparent he went too far…

He said:

I’ve snapped me arm.

To which, the shocked cameraman replied with:

Did ya?

The barman, not only failed to win the fight spectacularly, but also had to have surgery, with plates and bolts inserted into his arm.

Here’s the horrendous moment the barman’s arm snapped:

The pub manager spoke out about the gruesome incident which took place in his drinking establishment.

He said:

Customer challenged our barman to an arm wrestle. A bet of €20 that he would not get his arm down.

Our barman tried so hard he broke his arm.

It’s not exactly your ideal outcome is it… I don’t think he’ll be taking on anymore challenges anytime soon.