Guy’s Blackhead Removal Technique Freaks Everyone Out


Warning: graphic images

Jacob Acosta/YouTube

What is our obsession with pimple porn?  It’s the epicentre of disgusting.  The definition of revolting. Yet we can’t look away.

We battle on. Staring. Fascinated. As some unknown entity on YouTube or an internet famous dermatologist squeezes away at an old boil, or cyst, or blackhead.

We sit there infused by the video on our computer screen until the skin splits and the pus and blood begins to flow. We squint and pull peculiar faces – but we watch on until the end and then we consider watching another. Constantly desensitised and seeking out bigger and more aggressive pimple popping antics.

This video is just one of many, one of millions out there on the internet, and while it isn’t a sebaceous cyst with a three inch circumference being sliced into by a metal scalpel, it certainly fills the need within us all for pimple porn.

This clip in particular went viral two years ago, yet today it’s still equally as fascinating.

Although only short, the video shows a young man’s own technique for the mass removal of blackheads.

In just ten seconds we watch as our young hero, known as Jacob Acosta, looks into the lens of the camera before proceeding to push his nose upwards.

Instead of taking the easy route, the normal route of cleansing your skin from blackheads by squeezing them individually, this guy opts for the time-saving mass-extinction of the blocked sweat ducts.

Jacob Acosta/YouTube

And so he pushes, pressing with enormous pressure at the bottom of his nose in an upward movement, until eventually. Hallelujah! The pus seeps through the pores like grated cheddar cheese.

Admit it, if this pus stuff came in a bag labeled grated cheese and you had no reason to believe it wasn’t grated cheese, you’d launch a podgy hand into the bag and scatter it all over your spaghetti bolognese without questioning a thing.

Although, I can’t imagine how that stuff tastes. The texture of infection all over your tongue. Bleurgh!

Captioning the video, Jacob wrote:

I push up on my nose and you’ll see my pores are fairly clogged.

Yep, we can see Jacob.

Squeezed blackhead videoJacob Acosta/YouTube

Although we wouldn’t advise you take Jacob’s method and use it yourself! Numerous commenters claim to have broken their noses trying out the technique, and of course, everything anyone writes on the internet is true, so yeah, don’t try it.

So far, at the time of writing, (May 20), the video has been watched a mind-boggling four million times and has received almost 300 comments.

The comments themselves seem to be an equal split of people going ‘woah this is so cool’ and others claiming they feel truly disgusted by the video.

As fascinating as the vid is, I really don’t understand why you’d upload this to YouTube so the entirety of the world can watch on as you unclog your sweaty pores.

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