Guys Brilliantly Crash Billionaire’s Insane Oscars Party


Doing what scares you pays off, just ask these guys.

Four friends from different parts of the world – Matt, Thomas, Ammar and Derin – all met while living in Canada. They’ve since formed Yes Theory, a YouTube channel dedicated to facing their biggest fears in crazy ways.

The team moved to Los Angeles eight months ago, but last weekend was the first time the Oscars were on while they were in the city.

Not having an invitation to any of the awards show parties, they invited themselves by doing what they do best: Getting way out of their comfort zone.

Basically, they knocked on billionaire’s houses until someone let them in.

Faced with Beverly Hills mansions and security guards, the feat looked pretty damn terrifying:

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, one of the men in the video, Ammar, said the idea came about on a whim.

He said:

Thomas and I just woke up on the Oscars Sunday with no plans to watch it whatsoever. We don’t have a TV at home and we were not invited to a viewing party.

So given that neither of us have actually never watched the Oscars live, we wanted to do something ridiculous/ memorable to change that.

Ammar said they brainstormed their idea just five hours before heading out and eventually came up with the idea to take their ‘beat up van to Beverly Hills’. Not wanting to show up empty handed, they put on their fanciest suits and brought along some popcorn and champagne.

Yes Theory

Walking the streets from 4:30pm onwards, Thomas and Ammar managed to be denied entry to nearly every Oscars party they walked up to.

After being denied not once, but seven times, they decided to back track to one of the first houses they were refused entry to. And it seems like the eighth time’s a charm, because they got in.

Walking straight past the security guard that originally rejected them, the pair eventually made their way into the party where they drank champagne, ate cotton candy and mingled with guests.

They even managed to get two seats for the dinner party and made a few new friends in the process.


For an endeavour so seemingly ridiculous (who would have thought they would actually get in?), it isn’t surprising that this isn’t the first time these guys have done something crazy.

Back in September, the group posted a video of them swinging from a cliff 800ft up in the air – all in the name of conquering their fear of heights.

They’ve also snuck into a Cuban military base, climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza, met with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and snuck into the premier of La La Land.

So why do they do it? The group says the idea behind Yes Theory is to deliberately face your fears head on to show that, if you do, you can live more and do more.

Matt Dajer

Ammar told UNILAD:

These situations are often nerve-wracking, however, having had some unusual requests from strangers in the past, we just know there is always someone out there who can/will say yes if you make your request in a genuine, respectful and unthreatening way.

We always focus on what’s on the other side of ‘yes’ and that gives us the perseverance to keep going – despite countless cringe rejections.

One of the group’s main objectives is to show people that all you need to achieve something seemingly impossible is to just ask. Over and over and over. Eventually, someone will say yes.

Matt previously told UNILAD: “If you overcome that thing that’s holding you back, that’s where the magic happens.”

Proof that doing what scares you pays off.