Guys On Holiday Brilliantly Troll Their Parents Who Think They’re Gay


There’s nothing worse than bigoted family members: Encounters with a racist great aunt or a homophobic granddad are awkward to say the least.

But these two best buds have come up with a very clever – and very public – way to teach their families a lesson for saying they are ‘too close’ and assuming they’re gay.

They’ve compiled a montage of their beautiful friendship, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Turk met J.D, to prove there’s no such thing as ‘too close’ when it comes to guy love.

Their bromance began trending on YouTube when Travis Henning uploaded the montage and has since gone viral with over 600,000 views at the time of writing.

Viewers have quickly fallen in love with their relationship – some claim the pair represent the ultimate in Friendship Goals with one guy even asking if they need a third wheel.

Meanwhile, in an LA opium den, Seth Rogan has just found his long lost triplet brothers. Probably.