Guys React To Shocking Footage Of Other Men Catcalling Their Girlfriends

by : UNILAD on : 28 Jul 2015 17:58

A number of videos have showed the shocking reality of women being catcalled and hassled in the street by men but, in this new experiment, guys are actually confronted with footage of their girlfriends experiencing the harassment first-hand.


And the Cosmopolitan video produces some very honest and visceral responses from the guys as they watch what their significant others have to deal with every day.

At first, some of the lads mock the ridiculousness of the men confronting their girlfriends. However, as some of the admirers become more aggressive in their pursuit of the women, the guys visibly become more uncomfortable and angry with the situation.

The video really sheds some light on what many women experience on a daily basis and it clearly opens the eyes of many of the boyfriends.


As Jon adds at the end of the video, armed with a new perspective: “I’m glad that people are making (catcalling) an issue, and not standing for it anymore!”

Well said.

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