Guys Rescue Massive Carp Stranded After Hurricane

by : Julia Banim on : 18 Jul 2018 22:01
Man rescues carp during hurricane.Man rescues carp during hurricane.Newsflare

I’ve not felt this emotionally invested in the fate of a fish since Nemo planned his escape from the dentist’s office.


And yet here I am, heart thoroughly warmed by the sight of man gently carrying an enormous carp back to the safety of his home lake.

In the midst of Hurricane Harvey, the giant grass carp had been swept from his home lake with the rising water; becoming stranded in floodwaters from a golf course pond.

Luckily, a Texas man by the name of Jeff Yuna and his nephew had been passing through the golf course when they spotted a large, dark shape in the floodwater. It soon became apparent this was a carp in distress.

Men rescue stranded carp.Men rescue stranded carp.Newsflare

Jeff’s nephew crept up on the exhausted carp, picking up the ‘frickin’ heavy’ creature with his bare hands.

However, the frantic fish struggled ferociously from his grasp, splashing back into the shallows with a mighty plop. A funfair goldfish this was not.

After chuckling at his nephew’s struggle for a bit, Jeff The Carp Whisperer then stepped in, managing to get a firm grip of the slippery chap.

He then rushed over to the lake like a human ambulance, ensuring the fish wasn’t flopping about in the air for too long.

Carp returned to home lake.Carp returned to home lake.Newsflare

Tucked protectively under Jeff’s reassuring arm, you would have presumed this was a beloved household pet rather than just some random carp he had only just met.

The carp even appears to be wagging his tail as the duo get closer to the lake, perhaps anticipating the slimy family reunion awaiting him below the surface.

After reaching the lake’s edge successfully, Jeff released the carp into the water where he swam merrily off into the depths, no doubt blowing bubbles of relief.


You can watch the tense rescue mission for yourself below:

Jeff’s proud wife Jamie later shared footage of the ‘Carp Rescue’ team on Facebook, which quickly went viral.

People loved Jeff’s caring attitude in the middle of what had been such a devastating time for those in the area.

One person remarked:

A good Deed goes on notice. I’m sure that fish is grateful.

Another noted:

That’s so nice saving a fish. Instead of eating it.

Men save stranded carp.Men save stranded carp.Newsflare

Somewhere out there in Texas, there is a big, confused fish cracking open his scaly laptop and digging his fin deep in a bowl full of delicious, more-ish insects and algae. Mmm.

Pale yet wild carp eyes gazing unblinking into the camera, he will attempt – once again – to let the fish population know about his freak abduction and subsequent rescue at the hands of two friendly, cagoule-clad humans.


His lake buddies will sigh and feel their tails curling slightly with embarrassment. Not again.

They will resolve to find Philip a nice, shiny girlfriend with a rubbery pout to take his mind off these surreal delusions.

A carp is returned to a lake in Texas.A carp is returned to a lake in Texas.Newsflare

A very well done to Jeff and his nephew for their quick thinking.

Our thoughts are with all those who were affected during Hurricane Harvey.

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Jeff Yuna/Facebook
  1. Jeff Yuna/Facebook

    Jeff Yuna/Facebook