Guys Take On ‘World’s Most Dangerous Hammock’ To Cure Fear Of Heights

13235542_10209289962382926_3707005958248268657_oMatt Dajer

“If you were 99 years old and on your death bed, and you had a chance to come back to today, what would you do right now?”

That’s the question four best friends from four different countries are asking. And they’ve answered it in the best way possible.

Matt, from the U.S., Thomas, from France, Ammar, from Egypt, and Derin, from Turkey all met while living in Canada. They’ve since formed Yes Theory, a YouTube channel dedicated to their journey to face their biggest fears in amazing ways.

Their latest video is one that, if you’re not fond of heights, might make you slightly uncomfortable. But that’s the whole idea.

Speaking with UNILAD, Matt says everyone except for Ammar is terrified of heights: “The idea of having your friends set up a harness 800 ft in the air for you to hang from was extremely daunting. We wanted to overcome that fear together.”

So with the help of a few friends, Ammar set up a balcony off a cliff in the mountains of Canada – 800ft up in the air. All in the name of conquering their fear of heights.

Wondering what was going through their heads while dangling off a cliff? Matt says ‘Hopefully my mom will still speak to me after this’ and ‘I really hope I don’t I shit myself’ were among the many.


So why do they do it? Matt says the idea behind Yes Theory is to deliberately face your fears head on to show that, if you do, you can live more and do more. That, and overcoming your instinctual desire to say no.

He said: “If you overcome that thing that’s holding you back, that’s where the magic happens.”

And it’s seemed to have worked. The guys have nearly 16,000 people subscribed to their channel, and it’s rapidly climbing. Matt told UNILAD that the channel has gotten hundreds of messages from people crediting them with conquering their fears and accomplishing more, just by changing their mindset.

14215711_10210613050432166_1282085983_oMatt Dajer

Their fear-defying videos go further than hanging off cliffs though – the four of them have taken a holiday card photo with the Prime Minister of Canada, climbed Mt Fuji in the offseason without proper gear, catwalked at a big fashion show, and so much more – but we don’t want to spoil it.

If you want to see more of Yes Theory, head over to their YouTube page.