Guy’s Unconventional Attempts To Woo Kylie Jenner Are Creepy AF

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While the Kardashian family usually love the limelight, it turns out there’s actually someone whose attention they don’t want.

Kylie Jenner has been lumbered with a desperate admirer who, according TMZ, has shown his affection for the 18-year-old the old fashioned way, by ramming his car into her security gate.

According to local police, the would-be suitor turned up at The Oaks – a gated community where Kylie lives with Khloe and Rob Kardashian – and told security guards he was there to meet the teen girl.

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The guards tried to move him along and he responded by ramming his car into the gate, cracking it and speeding away – this may be part of standard American courtship, I just don’t know.

The abhorrent admirer wasn’t done though and came back just a few weeks later, ramming the gate again and driving off.

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Fortunately, security cameras caught the car’s license plate number and police managed to find the Kardashian fan-boy, who admitted that he rammed the gate because the guards were ‘rude’.

Kylie is apparently in the process of selling the house so let’s hope that the next owners don’t have any uninvited visitors.