Guys With Baseball Bats Take On The Wrong Man In Brutal Road Rage Attack

Live Leak

These men picked on the wrong guy in this majorly savage road rage video which sees two men try and take on another driver, armed with baseball bats. 

A lot of people suffer badly with road rage, but normally after you’ve had a rant at the wheel or a blare of your horn, the moment has gone and you’re reasonably calm again anyway.

These guys decided to take things way too far though, as a video emerged on Live Leak showing them stop their car after an unknown debacle and get straight out, with the aim to fuck up a guy with baseball bats.

Live Leak

Little did they know they had picked the wrong guy though, because as soon as the first guy started towards him, things started to go badly wrong for the pair…

Raging with his baseball bat aimed high, the passenger from the first car got out and marched up to the other driver and proceeded to threaten him, hitting the car with his bat.

Not taking this lying down, the ‘offending’ driver then got out and completely unfazed by his bat-wielding, pushed him straight into the trees with a single shove.

Live Leak

At this point the second attacker got out and started ramming the man in the cap who’d shoved his friend, into his car.

Things took a drastic turn after this, as the man being attacked  – two against one guys, not cool – managed to spin him round and got him in a painful looking headlock.

His attacker then dropped to the floor -hopefully just disarmed and not dead – and calmly, the driver who’d caused the situation then got back into his car, mounted the curb and drove off- as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

It’s hard to know what the deal is behind this video, which has now had over 200,000 views on Live Leak and gathered a mixed response.

A lot of people are saying it’s fake – which in all honesty, it probably is – but if not then there’s a powerful message to be learnt.

Don’t let road rage get the better of you, you could end up in an head lock, rammed up the side of a car and it’s never a good look…