Hackers Create ISIS-Branded G-Strings To Troll The Sh*t Out Of Them



Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Then look no further, Anonymous have got you covered. Well, partly covered.

The hacker group has revealed their plans to start selling ISIS-branded thongs and G-strings, as part of their operation to troll the shit out of the psychotic jihadists.

They tweeted a picture of a skimpy G-string emblazoned with the distinctive IS flag, in an attempt to enrage them.

The hacktivists have previously targeted the terrorist group with cyber-attacks on their websites and social media accounts, through Operation ISIS, or #OpISIS.

Anonymous said in a statement: “ISIS, we will hunt you, take down your sites, accounts, emails and expose you. You will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure. We own the internet.”

ISIS Al-Qaeda Militants Fighting Syrian Civil WarMedyan Dairieh/ZUMA Wire/ZUMAPRESS.com
The flag used by ISIS is actually an ancient Muslim tradition co-opted by the group to legitimise themselves, The Mirror reports.

The white writing at the top reads: “There is no god but Allah. Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.” The white circle underneath says: “Mohammed is the messenger of God”.

The next step? Got to be ISIS dildos and anal beads.