Hairdresser Gives Woman Bad Haircut, Woman Destroys Salon With A Sledgehammer


A woman in Southeast Asia was apparently pretty pissed off about her shitty haircut, and decided to redecorate the salon that gave it to her with her sledgehammer. As you do.

We’ve all had bad haircuts. Smiling and nodding as the hairdresser turns you into a deformed mass of mullet and sideburns. It’s the polite thing to do.

Apparently, this woman didn’t get the memo as she goes hell-for-leather in the salon that gave her the dodgy cut. She smashes mirrors and cabinets before turning on the staff of the salon and threatening them, presumably asking to have her hair glued back on.

The woman continues her rampage against the shop until the video cuts out, so we can only speculate as to the outcome of this situation. Hopefully they fashioned her some sort of crude wig from the floor cuttings as a peace offering.