Half-Life Project Restored By Fans After 13 Years

by : Ewan Moore on : 23 Sep 2016 11:28

hl3wavehl3waveAfter 13 years floating around in the darkness, a group of fans has managed to restore a long forgotten Half-Life project.

Originally based on an old Quake mod, Half Life: Threewave is a multiplayer capture-the-flag game that was first found in 2003 during the leak of Half Life 2‘s beta.



It was initially unplayable back then, but the hard work of these fans has made sure that’s no longer the case.

Half Life: Threewave looks to be a Valve sponsored version of the Quake mod that made Dave “Zoid” Kirsch famous. His original Threewave mod was so popular that developer id software actually hired Kirsch to made an official version for Quake 2.

Valve News Network did some top notch internet detective work, and outlined the mod’s rich history (and their intrepid search for it) in the video below.


Bizarrely, the files were finally located on a Vietnamese server before they were then given over to a modder who had the skills to get the whole thing into a working condition.

If you fancy checking out this unique slice of gaming history, you can head over here and download it yourself.

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