Half-Life Recreated In DOOM Is Pretty Awesome


Half-Life 3 confirmed? No. Still, while we all wait for a game that will never come, we might as well watch Half-Life recreated in classic DOOM. 

This isn’t a perfect recreation of Half-Life, as it doesn’t follow the original storyline. Still, the influence is clear and ever present, and more Half-Life is never a bad thing.


The mod is called Paranoid, and is an 8-map hub from multiple users – the whole thing took about three years to finish, with work commencing on and off (‘mostly off’ apparently).

Set in the Black Mesa military-industrial facility (so it’s firmly planted in the larger Half-Life universe), the mod is heavily story driven and offers a number of different objectives and missions.

You can also look forward to brand new locations – all with an unmistakable Half-Life flavour to them. Check out some footage below.

If you’re a fan of classic DOOM, and spend years looking up at the starry night sky wondering if Gaben is staring up at that same sky while he finalises plans for Half-Life 3, then this is the mod for you.

Then again, if you try your best not to ever think about the most elusive videogame in history, I’d give this one a miss. It could bring up too many feelings. Either way, you can download it here.