Halloween Display Slammed For Being ‘Too Realistic’ And Scaring Kids Shitless

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Everyone remembers being mentally traumatised as a child. Maybe it was when your wrinkly auntie tried to pucker her hairy lips against your cheek. Maybe you pissed yourself in class and everybody laughed. Or maybe you saw satanic crucifixions and people impaled on spikes on your way to school. Memories.

For kids living in Parma, Ohio, one Halloween display near a school has been scaring them absolutely shitless, and for good reason – it’s realistic as fuck.

It’s not just creeping out the local kids either, neighbours of the horror house have been complaining about the torturous scenes they’re greeted with as they take little Jimmy to baseball practice, and have asked the council to have the display taken down.


Local mother Jackie Anselmo says:

You take a double take because it is a very realistic display. [I’m] Almost horrified that somebody would think that it’s okay to put it that close to an elementary school .

Mannequins can be seen in a variety of interesting poses – skewered on spikes and run through with knives, one guy is covered in clingfilm while another woman has syringes hanging out of her neck.

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Cleveland 19 News

The creator of the display, Vicky Barrett, has stressed that she hasn’t received any complaints but would consider toning the display down if it was distressing the local kids.