Handcuffed Woman Led Police On 80mph Car Chase For 10 Miles

Beaver County Times/WTAE

A woman has been jailed for four years after she admitted she stole a police car and led the cops on an 80mph chase for miles, all while her hands where cuffed behind her back.

As reported by the Mail Online, Roxanne Rimer, 28, had been arrested for shoplifting at Kohl’s department store in Center Township, Pennsylvania, in January, when she made a break for it and ran to a car driven by her grandfather.

She sped off over a hillside but was caught up with by police moments later. However, after the cops handcuffed her and put her in the back of the police cruiser, she managed to slip through an opening in the partition into the front seat and drive off again, while officers were searching her granddad’s car.


This girl was certainly resourceful, we’ll give her that! Apparently, she managed to manipulate the controls of the car while handcuffed with her back to the steering wheel.

After first smashing into her grandfather’s car as she sped away, she then led the cops on a 10 mile high speed chase, dangerously weaving in and out of traffic, before she crashed.

This slippery customer, who just couldn’t be stopped, then ditched the police car and hitched a ride with someone else, who dropped her off in Aliquippa where the cops finally caught up with her.

Beaver County Times

As she was being led to jail, an apparently drug addled Rimer told a reporter: “I don’t remember anything but being in the back of a police car”.

Rimer also pleaded guilty to a charge of theft in court on Tuesday, and cried when she told the court that the arrest had saved her life after she’d hit rock bottom.

As impressive as her ability to drive a car while handcuffed is, given how many lives Rimer put at risk through her actions, it’s definitely not an act we’d recommend trying at home!