P*ssed Off Tiger Attacks Handler At Steve Irwin’s Zoo


A handler at the zoo formerly owned by the late Steve Irwin has been attacked by a tiger. 

According to the Queensland Ambulance Service, Che Woolcott suffered ‘deep puncture wounds’ and scratches to his forearm and head when the 120 kg tiger – called Ranu – ‘swatted’ him during a morning walk, reports the Independent.

In a video tweeted by Steve Irwin’s widow Terri, Mr Woolcott said he got a ‘few claw marks’, adding ‘these things happen with tigers’:

The Australia Zoo said in a statement:

When Mr Woolcott approached [Ranu] to change direction, he swatted his paw resulting in a scratch on his left wrist, bicep and right side of the forehead.

According to Mr Woolcott, the incident was brought about due to the high temperature:

Ranu was a bit frustrated with the heat. He wanted to go one way and I wanted to go the other.

According to the BBC, ambulance service officials told ABC that the 41-year-old keeper was treated at the scene before being transferred to the Nambour hospital and he is now recovering at home.


Head zoo curator Kelsey Engle told the Brisbane Courier Mail: 

It wasn’t an attack or a mauling, Mr Woolcott has worked with Che since he was a cub and is expected to return to work within days. Both Ranu and the handler are well.

However, according to The Brisbane Times, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland inspectors are investigating the incident as it is the third tiger attack at the Australia Zoo in just over two years.