Hangover Star Ed Helms Returns In Hilarious ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Trailer


The raucous trailer for Who’s Your Daddy? has just dropped and it’s every bit as funny as you’d expect considering its comedy pedigree. 

Directed by The Hangover movie’s cinematographer Lawrence SherWho’s Your Daddy? tells the story of two chalk and cheese brothers Peter and Kyle Reynolds, played by comedy veterans Ed Helms (The Hangover) and Owen Wilson (Zoolander).

whos-your-daddyWarner Bros.

At their eccentric mother’s wedding the ‘Brothers Grin’ (We’re sorry) discover that their mum, played by Glenn Close, has been lying to them about the death of their father and that he may be alive.

The hapless duo immediately set out on a quest to discover their long-lost dad and end up on what looks to be a hilarious adventure as they work through their man-eating mother’s lost lovers.

whos-your-daddy-2Warner Bros.

On the list of potential parents are academy award winner J.K. Simmons and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback-turned-actor Terry Bradshaw.

Who’s Your Daddy? is set release in the UK on February 3 2017.