Hannibal Buress Trolls A Group Of Vegan PETA Protesters

by : UNILAD on : 26 Jul 2015 16:15

Deadpan comedian extraordinaire Hannibal Buress recently paid a visit to a vegan PETA demonstration and caused trouble with his hilarious questions to protesters.


From pointing out to a save the dolphins campaigner that dolphins sometimes rape, to questioning why anyone would be friends with a vegan, Buress appears to be having a lot of fun at the protesters’ expense.

In one memorable exchange, Buress asks a protester, “Would you consider yourselves the Black Panthers of animal protesting?”

She replies, “I think it’s the civil rights movement for animals. I think Martin Luther King was an inspiration, and if we can be the Martin Luther King for animals, why not?” to a comically stunned Buress.


And, according to Buress, he learned a lot from the experience. Or so he says before he swaggers off wearing a fur coat.

Check out the video above and, animal rights activist or not, we dare you to try and keep a straight face watching Buress at work.

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