Harrison Ford’s Auctioning Off Han Solo’s Jacket For A Very Good Cause


If you’ve ever wanted to own a your own piece of Star Wars history now is your chance. 

Harrison Ford is auctioning off the iconic leather jacket he wore while playing the legendary space smuggler Han Solo in the Star Wars series.

The jacket in question is the one worn in the most recent film, The Force Awakens, and Ford assured PageSix he wore it ‘throughout the film’ so who knows it may even contain his DNA, so you could clone your own Harrison Ford!

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Best of all, all of the proceeds from the auction will go to the New York University’s Langone centre which is currently working on a cure for epilepsy.

Harrison, 73, is particularly close to the centre because his 25-year-old daughter Georgia suffers from the condition and was treated at the facility which helped diagnose her.

The veteran actor spoke out about his daughter’s illness at an event to highlight the NYU Langone Medical Center’s Find a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures (FACES) department.

Harrison told New York Daily News:

She is joining me to thank FACES. I admire a lot of things about her. I admire her talent, her strength. She’s my hero. I love her.

If you want to get behind this great cause and bid on the Han Solo jacket then click here, but be warned bidding’s currently up to £33,000!