Harrowing Footage Shows Horrifying Effects Of ‘Super-Strength’ Cocaine

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The mum of a man who died of an overdose from a super-strain of cocaine has released footage to warn others of its effects.

Adam Cowell was filmed by his family, hallucinating and psychotic, after taking the deadly class A – which his family say is ‘openly flogged’ on the street.

Andrea Adamson told the Manchester Evening News her 33-year-old son once threw himself through his first floor bedroom window, convinced there was somebody trying to break in.

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Adam died in November after taking a lethal amount of 100 per cent pure cocaine and now Andrea has bravely taken her chance to warn other parents that it could be their child next.

She says:

The devastation, the pain it has left a full family in, well, words can’t describe it.

Me as a mother, I’ve lost my baby, his two sisters, they’ve told me he’s not going to be at their weddings, he’s not going to see their first baby born.

Andrea told Manchester Evening News her son was able to get cocaine ‘24 hours a day’ and within minutes of placing an order.

In an inquest into Adam’s death, chief coroner Michael Singleton revealed there were ‘huge numbers’ of people dying from the class A drug in the Hyndburn area, near Blackburn.

The drug has been responsible for the deaths of ‘at least 17 young people’ in the Lancashire district in the last nine months alone.

Andrea pleaded with people not to take the drug, saying:

This drug is dangerous, it’s lethal. Please do not take it. Please do not put your families through what my family is suffering. It’s a filthy drug. Let’s say no to cocaine, let’s say no to drugs.

Andrea said drug dealers continued to send her son text messages advertising their drugs after his death, according to Manchester Evening News.

She said:

It goes across all the classes and wealth, somehow it’s getting stereotyped as a social thing.

Adam didn’t realise how serious cocaine was, he just thought we were overreacting. He’d say ‘mum you’d be surprised, everyone takes it’. He thought I was just old fashioned.

But it’s coming through in a purer form now and I think that’s why there has been so many recent deaths here, people’s bodies can’t deal with it.

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She added:

If we can get the dangers out there, if we can take the attraction out of it eventually the dealers won’t be able to sell it to anybody.

It seems normal to these young ones but they need to know what happened to my son, it just dropped him like a lead balloon.

One moment he was unconscious and then within an hour we were told we weren’t getting him back. It could take anybody and I don’t want another mum to go through that.

Listen to Andrea.