Harrowing Footage Shows Young Boy Beaten By Bullies Days Before Committing Suicide


Horrific footage of an eight-year-old boy has emerged of him being brutally bullied just days before he tragically took his own life. 

In extremely sad news, an eight-year-old boy has sadly committed suicide after enduring horrendous bullying while at school.

CCTV footage from Carson Elementary School, Cincinnati, has now been released, showing Gabriel Taye being knocked unconscious inside a school bathroom, just days before his death.

Here’s news footage of the horrific case:

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The horrendous video shows Gabe being thrown against the wall by another child and knocking him out.

The eight-year-old is then seen lying on the bathroom floor, while the bullies step over him, kick him and point at him in the heartbreaking clip released by officials yesterday.

His devastated mum explained how her little boy took his own life after suffering at the hands of bullies and an Ohio coroner has now reopened the investigation into her son’s death.


Lawyer Jennifer Branch said:

She’s devastated that her son’s second to last day was so painful for him.

The alleged assault took place on January 24th, but the school is reported to have made no mention of this to his mum, saying instead he’d fainted.

The night following the incident, traumatised Gabe started throwing up, so his mum took him to hospital where the doctors put it down to stomach flu.

Clearly things had gotten too much for the little boy to deal with, as just two days after the incident, he was found dead in his bedroom.

Following the dreadful incident, the school claimed they had followed protocol in a statement, and the police closed the investigation saying the school could best handle the case.

The whole thing is deeply upsetting and awful to think an eight-year-old child should have to go through such a thing.

RIP Gabe. Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

For further help and advice on bullying, go to: Ditch The Label.