Harry Potter Star Is Being Sued For A Sh*t Ton Of Money

Harry Potter/Warner Bros

Former Harry Potter actor Devon Murray is being sued by his agent over unpaid fees.

Dublin-based agent Neil Brooks Management is chasing the 27-year-old Irishman for €286,000 -roughly £230,000- the Daily Mail reports.

Murray, who played the explosive Seamus Finnigan in the franchise of films, allegedly earned €1.2million -around £970,000- from his contracts, the High Court in Dublin heard.

Murray is reported to have attempted to break his contract with the firm following the first four films, and his family are counter-claiming for around €98,000 -£79,000- they say was paid to the management company.

His parents Michael and Fidelma Murray are also being sued by the firm, as it was they who signed their son’s first contract with Neil Brooks in 1998 when their son was just ten.

The Mail did report that the case has been adjourned until tomorrow due to a shortage of judges, to which Mr Justice Seamus Noonan remarked he would try to ‘conjure’ one up.

The case continues.