Harry Styles’ Sister Fires Shots At Azealia Banks In Weekly Column

gemmastylesThe Debrief

Harry Styles’ sister has slammed Azealia Banks as a ‘bigot and a bully’ after her racist Twitter rant against Zayn Malik and a 14-year-old Disney actress.

A couple of weeks ago, Banks targeted Malik with a series of homophobic and racist insults, as well as calling Skai Jackson a ‘black little bitch’ and advising her to ‘get plastic surgery’.

The appalling rant triggered an enormous backlash on social media seeing Banks suspended from Twitter and dropped from the bill at Rinse FM’s Born & Bred Festival, reports The Independent.

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Although Banks has now apologised for her behaviour, Gemma Styles has condemned the musician in her weekly column in The Debrief:

Azealia Banks didn’t just blow her top, she went on a vile, bilge-spilling tirade of homophobic abuse and racist slurs – among other things.

This to me is not an example of someone venting frustration in an understandable format, but a bigot and a bully showing her true colours.

The 25-year-old writer also said she she feels Banks’ statement is ‘more of a sorry I said it in public’ than a genuine apology.

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She added:

While I’m always for appreciating the back story behind a person’s actions and try to show some understanding, there’s no upset here that warrants the kind of language she used.

Some celebrities are judged too harshly and deserve a little more empathy, there’s no empathy I can see here – sometimes an Instagram sorry just isn’t enough.

During part of the rant, Banks referred to Malik as a ‘curry scented bitch’ – a hashtag which was quickly taken on by a number of Asian women to hit back at the rapper.

Banks did eventually publish an apology to her Instagram account:

But needless to say, it’s a case of far too little, way too late.