Has The Biblical ‘City Of Sin Destroyed By God’ Been Found?

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According to local reports, the ruins of biblical city of Sodom may have been discovered in Jordan.


Archaeologists, who have been excavating the region of Tall el-Hammam in Jordan for decades, have unearthed the remains of a “monstrous” Bronze Age city, which they believe matches the Biblical description of Sodom perfectly.

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In the Book of Genesis in the Bible, it’s written that Sodom and neighbouring Gomorrah were destroyed by God, because those who lived there were riddled by sin and depravity, and angels failed to find any righteous men within its walls. The place was basically like a Saturday night out in Birmingham.

The Tall el-Hammam site is situated to the east of the River Jordan, and dates back to between 3500 and 1540 BC. It’s said to be the largest city that would have existed in the region (five to ten times larger than other cities in the area) and appears to have been suddenly abandoned – all of which makes it a good fit for Sodom.


Speaking to Popular Archaeology, project leader Steve Collins, said:

I concluded that if one wanted to find Sodom, then one should look for the largest city on the eastern Kikkar that existed during the Middle Bronze Age, the time of Abraham and Lot. When we explored the area, the choice of Tall el Hammam as the site of Sodom was virtually a no-brainer since it was at least five to 10 times larger than all the other Bronze Age sites in the entire region.

The site, in the southern Jordan Valley, which lies eight miles northeast of the Dead Sea, is highlighted by a large mound which appears to have consisted of a lower city, and an upper city where the rich and elite lived.


Researchers have found evidence of defensive walls 10m high and 5m thick, with a network of gates, towers and plazas, as well as the remains of a ‘Red Palace’ in the upper city.

It is hoped the ongoing excavations by the research team will help shed light on the mystery of whether the city is indeed Sodom and why it might have been abandoned so suddenly.

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